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The first date in the right light The first date in the right light

“In the candlelight appear people more beautiful” – this ancient truth already knew the poet Ovid as he philosophized 2000 years ago on the conditions for a successful date. But in the meantime, this has become such a matter of course that some cavaliers seem like a serious killer, when he places the obligatory candle on the table and ignites it when the beloved one activates the doorbell. In order to show yourself in the right light, you can still give yourself a little more effort today.

Flickering and crackling without construction

For the right crackle in the air, today’s cavalier must first and foremost use its charm. If the chemistry is correct, it often does not even need that in order to recognize a telltale flicker in the other’s view and to interpret it correctly. However, if you are planning a romantic date because you know that this is guaranteed to be a good thing or you have a romantic streak, you can not do without certain accessories on your first date. A lovingly and personally cooked dinner with fine silverware and candles, roses and a good wine are the right framework. If you do not have a wall-mounted fireplace, you should check muenkel. Look at what options you can even without brick deduction. With a table chimney or, for generous, a larger model as a wall fireplace or ground fire place, can be impressed rather than with a few candles. Guaranteed soot-free and without having to tear a hole in the ceiling, you can get the right fire feeling in every hut.

Wine, woman and song

If these conditions are created, an evening can not be boring anymore. That, too, is a well-known and almost ancient truth. In addition to the right company, it is of course also the right noble drop that is to be served to the meal to find, as well as to make the right choice of music. Sometimes here is: Dear not to apply thick. Whoever chooses the heaviest red wine and puts two bottles on the table and adds Italian lard chants, could easily give the wrong impression and be quite clumsy in his conquest tactic. As chic can also apply here decent, so rather quiet piano music, a light white wine for starters and then first ask what it may still be. That means you should stock up with all sorts of drinks, also and especially unalcoholic. A clear view is today, just like a thousand years ago, but still the most important in the mate choice!