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Autokino – Where the movie becomes a minor matter
In the drive-in you drive less of the movie because, but to be able to come undisturbed closer.

Smooch instead of watching

The classic cinema is a popular meeting place for a first date. You do not feel compelled to do small talk, but you can focus on the movie to have a conversation later. Of course you can get closer in the dark.
But it lacks the informality. The drive-in cinema is for data rather something for the advanced and cuddly. In cult cinema from the fifties and sixties of the 20th century you are completely alone. What is shown on the screen is irrelevant, especially since sound and picture quality are not the best anyway.
You can talk without disturbing your neighbor. Smokers do not have to pay attention Chip bags can rustle. You can smooch without being watched because the chances of getting the same in the car next door are relatively high.

Tips for a romantic visit to the drive-in cinema

Drinks and snacks are the best way to get the classic cinema atmosphere into the car. It is best to stand in the last row. In the so-called “Love Lane” one is most undisturbed.
Rainy weather enhances the romance. If the drops patter on the car roof and the windows fog up at some point, the cuddling need increases by itself.
Everything that goes beyond the kissing, violates the good customs and the rules of use of the organizer – at least theoretically. But one must be completely uninhibited when smooching. Just be careful that you do not accidentally press the horn too often. Car cinemas have become relatively rare compared to previous years and have a slightly disreputable reputation.

In Germany, there are only about twenty car cinemas, including in Essen, Cologne, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Berlin and Aschheim.