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Date Tips – This makes the first date a success
Of course, the first date should not be a failure. It does not have to spark right away, but it must not be embarrassing. If you follow a few tips, not too much can go wrong.

Date Tips

The first rule is punctuality. Nobody likes to wait. If, of course, there is a valid reason, you should notify the person waiting if possible. In conversation one should not be contrived and exaggerated.
Too much humor, too loud laughter, showing off and nagging are absolute mood killers. When paying in the restaurant, the man traditionally takes the bill. But there are also many women who prove their independence and therefore want to wear their own part. This should be clarified in advance. To greet you may like to kiss left and right in the French manner on the cheeks. Otherwise, too vigorous physical contact is initially taboo. Those who are not spontaneous types who have a hard-to-beat small-talk experience will think twice about a location that offers opportunities for retreat or a topic for discussion.

A restaurant visit is not the best choice in such cases, relaxed can z. B. be a movie or theater visit. His concentration is fully focused on his counterpart. Nothing is more annoying on the date than when the phone is constantly ringing or responding to text messages.
If one encounters other acquaintances contrary to expectation, then one may like to welcome them briefly, but then should turn back to his dating partner without restriction. Even the constant search of the toilet to control your own appearance disturbs unnecessary.

For a glass of wine, a beer or a cocktail is nothing wrong, but too much alcohol should be better avoided. If it has sparked in the hours spent together, one agrees to say goodbye for another meeting.
If nothing works

You soon realize that the date is becoming a positive experience or a disaster. One should have the courage and the honesty to communicate to the other if it does not run according to one’s own ideas.
Otherwise, it can be complicated, and false hopes may be aroused. If you want to cancel a date prematurely, you do not disappear in an unnoticed moment without announcement, but says goodbye polite but determined. His bill will be paid fairly in this case.