Asking Out A Girl And Getting her To Show Up

Asking Out A Girl And Getting her To Show Up

The concept of asking out a girl wouldn’t be more treated. Guys would always want to know what to say to a girl to get her to speedily show up. It is disappointing to be stood up by a girl who promised to show up, much disappointing when she doesn’t wanna pick your call. women could change in split seconds they could turn you down a minute before a date.Or they could turn you down before you ask. Yes…this one is commonand guys don’t know it yet that women could turn you down before you ask and it is our own doing. Some things work and some dosn’t.

When you meet a girl and start off with those wussy attitude like I use to do some years back before I learned what works, I would call like ten times in a day, ask about her and tell her when I am going out, If I am laughing I tell her even when I am walking “Hey darling where are you?

Guess what, I am walking!” like I haven’t walked before.I do all this things to get her attracted to me and probably create a soothing ground for asking her out. Asking out a girl involve some sort pre-asking and the main asking you gotta make sure she would say yes. How? by reading her body language and all other languages that women speak.It is our attitude that get women attracted to us something our looks but most time it our attitude. You don’t just wake up one morning and ask out a girl. you gotta build her attraction first.

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What we think gets women running after us only helps in keeping them away…giving compliments and buying gifts and all those “please take me” attitude. the every minutes calling and texting seem to tell them we love them but it also tell them we are like every one else and that’s when they start withdrawing.Women are searching for different men and the bad guys tend to be more different you know…they don’t call and text like the “nice guys” they even give her the impression that their are other girls while the nice guys swear they only got her and she still leaves for the bad guy.

The girls…they show up when the bad guys ask them out because that’s is her only opportunity of being with him.when you spend all day talking on phone she wouldn’t have that urge coming to see you since there is little or less of you she is yet to see or hear about, when you give it all to them on phone they would likely not want more.asking out a girl becomes easy when you have created attraction and to create attraction you gotta “play hard to get” you gotta learn to compliment less if you wanna play “hard to get” and lastly you you have to make her fall in love. there is nothing like being on a date with a pretty girl that is excited about you.Things becomes easy! I mean all thingsSee a step by step way to ask her out — asking out a girl
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