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Cook and Date – love goes through your stomach
Connect similarities. If you meet like-minded people while cooking, you do not have to worry about embarrassing conversation breaks.

Very informal kitchen service

Nothing is worse than sitting opposite each other at the first meeting and not knowing what to talk about. Or do not know where to go with your hands. With Cook and Date these hurdles are easily overcome.
Together they conjure up multi-course menus, not only talking about cooking, but also coming to other topics automatically. The atmosphere is very relaxed. You work together as a team and get close to it.

A date with taste

The meeting point is offered in many cities by larger restaurants or hotels. The event lasts about four hours.
It is aimed at singles who want to connect the date with meaningful creativity and want to make sure that they meet with like-minded people. At Cook and Date the tastes are united. Not only on culinary level similarities can be found. You can already test whether you harmonize as a team.
Every step is done together. It is snipped, fried and seasoned. Incidentally, one may flirt properly, which goes in the relaxed environment as if by itself. When tasting the food you reach each other the tasting spoon and put always small snacks in the mouth.
That’s the way to get along in a completely informal and above all humorous way.

Dinner is served

Of course, after work has been done, everyone is fed at the table that has been set together. At least now, initial shyness and inhibitions have completely dissolved.
The mood is at its peak, and one can toast to his getting to know each other. If you get hungry for more, spend the rest of the evening in twos. By the way, you do not have to worry about washing dishes!
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