It all depends on the first impression The first impression is important

There is no second chance to make a good first impression. This ancient wisdom is as true for the job interview as it is for the first date with the potential dream partner. Of great importance is the right outfit.
Many women tend to appear “overdressed” on the first date because they hope to make a good impression. An exaggeratedly elegant or expensive outfit on the gentleman often acts as a deterrent, because he is afraid of being unable to keep up. Intuitively, many men also disapprove of exaggeratedly styled women because they fear that the lady will spend a lot of time in the bathroom every day and many pleasures of everyday life fail because she is afraid of the hairstyle.

Important is the feel-good factor

If you’re used to wearing jeans and t-shirts, you’ll feel insecure and cramped in an elegant skirt and high heels costume. As if the first date is not exciting and tense enough! Therefore, it is important to wear comfortable clothing that makes you feel comfortable and adds extra security. However, there are stumbling blocks here as well.

The favorite jeans is bulged, washed out or even torn. This does not work on the first date, after all nobody wants to stand there as an unkempt tramp. Even “funny” T-shirts with motives or flippant sayings are taboo or overly sexy clothes with too deep a decollete. After all, a man is wanted for life and not a customer for the next two hours.

Order well-groomed women’s fashion in the Klingel shop

Of course there is a huge selection of well-kept clothes on the internet. These include young new companies as well as traditional companies that have been publishing catalogs of classic women’s fashion for decades and have many loyal customers. So you can order the latest trends of women’s fashion in the bell shop to appear on the first date in a neat but not overly elegant outfit.

For many years, Klingel has been offering reasonably priced fashion suitable for everyday use for women of all ages, taking the latest trends from the catwalks of the world into account. Currently, for example, casual cardigans in discreet colors are in great demand, which make a neat impression even on a date and yet have a high feel-good factor. They can be combined with a nice blouse or polo shirt and comfortable jeans or skirts.

Clothes for the warm season

For a first date in the ice cream parlor in the summer a wide-cut dress made of flowing material is ideal. Clothes hide bacon rolls, are comfortable to wear and do not look overdressed. On the contrary, most men are carried away by feminine clothes. However, should rather be used to discreet monochrome fabrics than to eye-catching patterns.