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Exciting – The Blind Date
Anyone who knows only from chat rooms, letters or flirt lines, will expect the first meeting with great excitement. If the impressions and ideas that have arisen actually coincide with reality, then you have to expect the worst

Meeting with unknowns

Blind Date is unlikely to have been encountered in real life. You just know each other from emails, chats, or maybe you’ve talked on the phone before.
Here is already the first impression, you already know about some preferences of the other, may have already exchanged photos.

For the Blind Date, we recommend a neutral place such as a restaurant or even a park that is not too deserted. Since you actually do not know, you agreed before a distinctive sign. It does not have to be the classic flower in the buttonhole or the newspaper under your arm, the distinguishing feature can also be quite funny. The imagination knows no limits.

Pitfalls at the blind date

You really do not know who or what is coming to you. That’s the really exciting thing about this form of clash. Many hopes and expectations are put into it.
The date can be a complete success. If not a love relationship is created, then maybe at least a good friendship. But there can also be nasty surprises when, for example, the supposedly sporty, good-looking man is suddenly neither attractive nor nice.
If one does not like the other from the outset, it is important to keep a cool head and to stop the meeting immediately. It is also advisable not to schedule the dates with unknown persons in your own home.

Blind Erotic

Many blind dates take place with the clear intention of a one night stand. However, this intention should be announced on both sides in good time. Otherwise, the disappointment is more than big in the end.