Date in the dark | Dating for singles date in the dark

Date in the dark – blind date something different
Anyone complaining that the classic date is judged too much on the outside should try a dating in the darkroom. Here you only find out who you were dealing with at the end.

Grope in the dark

It is pitch black, one does not see the hand in front of the eye. All other senses are running at full speed. In complete darkness, one smells, feels and hears the other.
You are completely focused on the essentials, can not be distracted by optical influences. You hear noises and giggles, you brush or grab one hand – a date in the dark is a highly exciting experience.
Similar to the classic blind date you sit at tables opposite, but can always get up to feel closer. At the beginning, the eyes are covered with an opaque mask, which may be removed after the room has been darkened.

Now begins to get to know each other for about ten minutes each time before changing. On a card is noted for whom sympathy was felt.

Get in touch
When Date in the dark it crackles with tension. One is highly concentrated. It is voice and smell that decide on sympathy or antipathy. You notice many little things that otherwise escape quickly.
Whoever sees nothing, automatically listens better. Not only the content of the conversation is placed in the foreground, but above all the tone and tone of the voice.
In addition, the sense of smell plays a big role. You can see very quickly, if you can smell or prefer to stay out of the way. Whether the other feels good, you can also find out at the same time.

End with surprise

Whether the impressions collected in the dark coincide with the visual appearance is shown at the end of the event. Only when all possible participant combinations have been played through, the cards are evaluated.
In matches, the respective candidates face each other in the light. This moment is eagerly eagerly awaited. In most cases you will be surprised about his choice.