Ways To Attract A Guy

The seduction or attraction of a man by a woman depends on a mixture of chance and skill. It involves chance because a woman may meet a man who simply has peculiar preferences and isn’t enthusiastic about the woman. It involves skill too, for when the man has potential for interest, a woman still must know what to say, how to move and express herself in conversation to hold his interest and make it flower. The woman must learn to harness and control this skill.

From the time when two people are strangers until they initiate a serious relationship, these two engage in an activity known as flirting.

In more general terms, flirting isn’t confined to relationships between romantic parties, but can occur between any woman and man. One can think of two reasons that this is so. First, we instinctively try to practice our social skills during face-time with others, and flirting is merely one of those skills we are born to try. Second, flirting plays a sociological function by drawing men and women closer in a group, reducing tension in the process of understanding each other. This is true as long as flirtation is practiced in the correct way.

Flirting is composed of three simple elements: facial and eye communication before formal and spoken contact has been made, the choice of personal dress and grooming, and skill in conversation. Two people who don’t meet through an intermediary must start off by using facial and eye communication to establish interest in initiating contact. After contact, what a woman wears and how she carries herself can pique the interest of a man or dampen it. Finally, her skills in conversing will affect his interest levels.

How a woman uses her eyes is important for meeting a man.

Before a woman and a man have started talking, a woman needs to get the attention of a man. If she’s in a crowded room or in the midst of many other people, she needs to signal specially to the man. Using her eyes is one way of doing so. She must first show no special attention to others, merely passing her eyes over things around her in disinterest. But for the man who is the object of her interest, she needs to be able to lay her gaze on him for one or two more seconds longer. This small increase in gaze time will attract a man’s attention. Should this fail, she can repeat it once or twice.

During her ensuing conversation with a man, a woman must use her positioning, space and orientation to her maximal advantage. She must keep a “receptive” posture by keeping her arms open and uncrossed, with her face and shoulders toward the man to signal that she’s willing to speak to him openly. If she’s with a tight-knit circle of friends, she must make the effort to turn away from them slightly to increase her exposure to the man.
Flirting cannot occur in a vacuum.

If a woman has poor choice of dress, cosmetics and messy hair, she is setting herself up for a more difficult task for meeting men. Imagine a woman who comes to a party dressed in very casual wear like track pants and running shoes. Not only is she out of place, she’s signaling to everyone that she really doesn’t care about attracting men and may in fact already be in a relationship. These small considerations for looking good don’t matter in the long run, but are crucial as the tiny factors that add up to successful flirting.`

To summarize flirting for women, a woman should apply herself to learn the aspects of flirting over which she has great control. Along with knowing how to put on make up and dressing right, she can watch and try techniques in spoken and non-spoken communication. Each bit will only help strengthen her chances of seducing the right man.
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